Tattoo Removal is Safe

Our advanced Astanza Duality laser will shatter the ink particles in the dermis, allowing the body’s immune system to flush the tattoo ink away. Over a series of approximately 5-10 treatments, the tattoo will fade until it is completely eliminated.

Tattoo Removal is Effective

Laser tattoo removal removes tattoo ink unlike any other method. Age, color of ink, skin type, tattoo location, immune health, and tattoo application all contribute to the results achieved – we’ll assess your tattoo during a free consultation.

Tattoo Removal is Affordable

Baltimore Tattoo Removal is committed to providing affordable tattoo removal. We offer discounts when purchasing treatments in packages, we have a refer a friend program, and in-house financing. There truly has never been a better time to get laser tattoo removal.

Baltimore Tattoo Removal Laser Technology

Topical creams and home remedies are simply not effective for tattoo removal. Our FDA cleared, Astanza Duality laser uses powerful Q-switched Nd:YAG technology and two wavelengths to effectively target and break-up tattoo ink. This combination of wavelengths gives us the ability to treat and remove a large spectrum of colored ink. Schedule a consultation with us for an in-depth evaluation of the tattoo you want to remove!

Tattoo removal process

It all starts with you. At Baltimore Tattoo Removal, we understand that having a tattoo removed is a life decision, and your comfort with the process is our first priority. The highly trained healthcare professionals at Baltimore Tattoo Removal strive to make your visit comfortable and for you to be an informed consumer. Your tattoo will be evaluated by our Board Certified physician, George Gavrila, M.D. A treatment plan will be developed for your specific tattoo determining the number of visits that will be required to effectively remove your tattoo.

Baltimore Tattoo Removal uses the Zimmer Cryro 6 cooler to lower the temperature of your skin providing you with the most comfortable experience possible. If desired, additional anesthetic can be utilized to fully “numb” the location being treated.

Our industry-leading laser technology is able to safely remove all tattoos regardless of ink color without damage to your skin. All skin types can be treated; side effects are very rare and usually temporary. Baltimore Tattoo Removal uses lasers at the forefront of technology, which deliver a higher energy beam for a 6-nanosecond duration leading to an increased dispersion of tattoo ink, all the while being gentle on your precious skin. All treated areas of your skin are dressed with an ointment that comforts, and aids in the faster healing of your tattoo site. Old tattoos can make you uncomfortable, removing them should not.

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